Hi, I am Bella and I approve of these doggie treats

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bellaSee I am the Queen at my home, and my parents know it. So there is no surprise that I am a picky eater, it only the best for me. I have a special bowl that I eat out of, and if it isn’t in my very special bowl, then it must not be good enough for me.

A while back I talked my Moma into making me extra special treats and things. See she is a wonderful baker (I think she gets that from my GrandMaMa in the US) and she makes my Daddy all kinds of neat smelling treats, so it was only right that she makes me some too.

She really surprised me, I never knew that I like peas, carrots, blueberries, and other weird things, but they are good. She says that they are organic, made with local ingredients, and gluten free (whatever all that means I am not sure), but really that doesn’t really mean anything to me, I just want good tasting things and food that is fit for a Queen.

So all my furry friends I have a surprise for you, I talked my Mama into making really cool treats for all of you. You really don’t know what you are missing until you try them, and guess what! She even makes really tasty cupcakes and cakes too.

You can find all the treats here, approved by me of course.

Ms. Bella

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