Gula Stallet Sagålamm

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The other day M, Ms. Bella and I where out exploring and found a great little cafe in Målhammer which is outside of Västerås, called Gula Stallet. We where greeted by a very happy go lucky doggie call Oja and happy chickens (but I think we were messing up their resting time). For a little while we where the only ones there and it was very nice weather, so we decided on having apple pie and something that I have never had before red beets cake. I don’t know who was more excited over the red beets cake M, myself, or Oja, I think you can see Oja licking her lips in the back ground.

The cake was really good and the red beets cream cheese icing was what took this cake over the top. Since we both really liked the cake, I went back into the cafe and asked very nicely (with my fingers crossed and ready to beg) for the recipe for the cake. Well guess what? I got the recipe! As soon as I can I will post the recipe and photos of the cake, in the mean time check out Gula Stallet’s website and like them on their Facebook page to stay up to date on the different actives they have year around. The next event seems to be taking place this weekend, “Harvest in the Yellow Stable”, I am sure there will be something on hand for just about anyone.


Here are a few more photos from our time there…

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