Another busy farmers market in Västerås

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About a week ago M and I headed to the Västerås Farmers’ Market and it was busy. We both looked at each other and said what in the world, where did all the people come from? It was wonderful seeing all the people enjoying the vendors, and there were a lot more vendors on hand too.

So what was all the excitement about? Everyone was talking about producing locally and selling locally, and also finally there is produce to take home (the summer started with really cool nights that are not good for your crops or plants).

One organization that was on hand talking and educating people about producing good exciting food and selling locally was the Smaka på Västmanland or Taste Västmanland (the county where Västerås is located). This was where my excitement just grew because I have been enjoying the markets for weeks now and suddenly you have a network of companies and people that are proud and excited about their crops, farms, jams, and/or their flowers.

As a team they can help each other and not have to do it alone. What does that have to do with you and me? Well that means that we get local, fresh, clean, and exciting produce and food to enjoy with our families. So if your city is having a farmers’ market or if you can get to that farm and buy locally, I promise it will be a win-win for you and your family but also for that farmer that has worked very hard to bring you something very exciting and healthy to eat.

Another organization that was on hand to help promote eating clean, fresh food that is locally produced is Slow Food. They had a wonderful cold pea soup that they giving everyone a taste that was to die for. Slow Foods promotes good, clean, and fair food, they are an international food movement.

So what was some of our favorite finds this week? There was almost too many to list, I can not wait to go back this Saturday.

As Winnie the Pooh would say, Where is the honey? Katrinelunds Bigård is where the honey is.

Smaka på Västmanland sponsored all different races for young and old at the market.

Wernergårdens Mejeri has a wonderful collection of cow cheeses. I look forward to checking out their full collect at their dairy farm in Karbenning.

Färna Herrgård  och Spa had some wonderful bread and jams.

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